Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This One's For A Friend

It's not about politics. AND it should make him feel less inadequate at the gym.
"For example, imagine going to the gym. When you look around, does it seem that just about everybody there is in better shape than you are? Well, you’re probably right. But that’s inevitable and nothing to feel ashamed of. If you’re an average gym member, that’s exactly what you should expect to see, because the people sweating and grunting around you are not average. They’re the types who spend time at the gym, which is why you’re seeing them there in the first place. The couch potatoes are snoozing at home where you can’t count them. In other words, your sample of the gym’s membership is not representative. It’s biased toward gym rats."

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, but I look around at the grocery store, the college campus, and Whataburger and I still see people who are in better shape than me (and who probably have more friends than me).

    Maybe I should try P90X so I can solve both my problems.