Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Talking Points

"I met with the team, I met with the Standard & Poors team. What they said is, if our Republican budget had passed it would have prevented the downgrade,” Ryan retorted. “They basically said because of the lack of  leadership in Washington, political leadership, that is the downgrade.”
No one can know what the S&P analysts told the House Budget Committee chairman in private. But we do have a record of what they said publicly. Pelley offered “for the record” to read the agency’s opinion to Ryan. Part said: “We have changed our assumptions on this because the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues. ”
Ryan pursed his lips a bit but wouldn’t be dissuaded. “I see it a different way,” he said. “That is not my understanding from talking to them.”
So just to be clear, a public document stating the reason for the credit downgrade does not represent a fact. Documentation does not mean something can be documented. If you are Paul Ryan, why not just say you know better?"

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  1. I can see where there may be some truth to his statement, in the sense that if, at that time, any budget passed it would have prevented the downgrade. So, yes, the Republican budget would have prevented downgrade simply because it was a budget. If that conversation actually happened, that is.

    It is sad if Ryan is the best policy mind that the Republicans have, as they have said in the past. Says a lot about the rest of the party.