Friday, September 14, 2012


Not much of substance here, but Jonathan Chait's takedown of Romney camp's spin is so complete that it's worth a read.

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  1. Romney reminds me of a kid who gets into a lot of trouble while hanging out with a group of other kids he wants to be liked by. His campaign says, "oh, man, you know what would be cool? If you go and say Obama's a sympathizer!" "Um, I don't know, guys, my mom always said--" "your mom's not here, come on, just do it. You're not chicken, are you?" "Of course not, where's the microphone?" Then afterwards, the teacher asks him to explain himself and he's just a sweet kid who was misled and made a dumb mistake and he can't for the life of him think of why he would have done such a stupid thing. Away from his group, he's a rational(-ish) person who doesn't really want to do bad things or take the extreme positions, but is just too spineless and eager to be liked that he just caves constantly.